Aligning Your Team for Results

Aligning Your Team for RESULTS – Presented by Christine Corelli & Doug Dvorak

Forget tough. Today’s competition is fierce. Now, more than ever, your commitment to establishing a true team culture is not optional, it is vital to the success of your business.

Is it easy to establish highly effective and proficient teams? Absolutely not. Does it simply mean that everyone on your team is working toward a common goal and are supportive of each other? That would be too easy.

Applying exciting examples of teamwork from the world of sports, Christine Corelli and Doug Dvorak will delve into the how to’s of building highly effective teams. This highly interactive program will provide participants with what they need to know about this vital business topic.

What Participants Will Learn:

Characteristics of highly effective teams and why teamwork provides a competitive advantage

What can happen with absence of teamwork
The FIVE Dysfunctions of teams and how to avoid them
How to apply seven critical team skills that will make a big difference in productivity, profitability and management/employee relationships

Real world examples of highly effective teams and why they are successful
Two team maintenance skills that will sustain the momentum long after the program is over

This program has received rave reviews at numerous conferences as a breakout session and at individual companies as a “hand-on” performance improvement workshop.

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