Selling to Women


Marketing to women is one thing. Selling to them is another.

Successful sales pros know there’s a big difference between selling to men and selling to women. If you understand these differences and adapt your selling style, you’ll be in a far better position to get results – more sales!

Knowing how to sell to women is critical to the success of your business. Smart companies know this. Whether they sell b2b or b2c they are providing this vital sales training program for their staff, and associations are offering it in their educational session line-up.

How to Sell to Women – What You Need to Know:

Selling to women is both an art and a science. It requires an understanding of the science and psychology based on qualitative research, and applying proven sales techniques that make your female customer to say “yes” to the sale.
To achieve success when selling to a woman, you must first understand your own approach to sales.

What You Will Learn About How to Sell to a Woman:

Your Selling Techniques – Which selling techniques come naturally? Which do you perform exceptionally well? Which ones are challenges?

  • Selling techniques you need to improve upon and adapt when your prospect or customer is female
  • Ten differences between male and female buyers you need to know
  • Interesting statistics that reveal why this topic is so important
  • Results of extensive research on what women want, need, and expect
  • Where expectations come from
  • What men and women in your industry have to say on this topic
  • Sales communication skills -Words and phrases that influence women to buy, how to ask for referrals
  • Subliminal selling through positive non-verbal communication
  • How to avoid deal-breakers and close the deal
  • If you are a retail business – great tips on selling on the retail floor and…
  • Sales promotions that sing to women and turn female shoppers into buyers!
  • Customer service – What truly impresses women and helps to establish their loyal
  • Strategies on building profitable relationships


What better way can you learn how to excel when selling to women than to be trained by a male AND female presenter!

Each highly successful as speakers, authors, and consultants, in their own right, Doug Dvorak and Christine Corelli present this program in a fast-paced, highly interactive presentation style.

They are Masters at:

  • Doing their homework and coming prepared
  • Creating and delivering highly customized presentations
  • Obtaining audience interaction
  • Delivering real-world anecdotes that reinforce a point
  • Demonstrating the “do’s and don’ts of selling to women
  • Incorporating a meeting theme throughout their presentation

How to Sell to Women – Prior to Your Program – What to Expect

Christine and Doug Apply a 7 Step Process to Ensure Success:

  1. Preprogram consultation to learn more about your business and your customers
  2. Phone calls to key people in your organization to obtain further insight
  3. Questionnaires sent to 20% of participants to learn about their biggest challenges when selling to women and what skills are most needed
  4. Report back to you
  5. Research conducted on your specific industry and customers
  6. Videotaping of some of your customers to incorporate into their program
  7. Program design and delivery


  • You will obtain the requisite skills required to successfully sell to women
  • The skills are immediately applicable
  • You will have a better understanding of your female prospects and customers
  • You will be more confidence in your sales efforts when selling to women
  • Increased sales, referrals and commission checks if you sell b2b
  • Increased store traffic, and ideas for promotions that “sing” to women if you sell b2c


This program can be presented as a keynote, break-out session, or 6 hour workshop.

Equipment Required:

  • Overhead / LCD projector and screen
  • Two wireless lavaliere microphones


The Selling to Women program can be designed to include “How to Provide Outstanding and Memorable Customer Service to Women.”

Program Fee:

Call to learn about our value-added and cost savings offering.

If you want to know how to sell to women, book Doug Dvorak and Christine Corelli. Call to ask about our value-added offering.

Interested in how to market to women? Learn how