How to Sell to Women — The Book

Selling to Women

Over the past decade, companies of all sizes have seen the dramatic impact that women have made in today’s marketplace. Story after story has been written and white papers published that show how companies and retailers have lost significant business because they did not understand the difference between selling to men vs. women.

Today, more and more companies and retailers are providing training on how to sell to women. And more sales professionals are achieving greater success by understanding the differences between selling to men and selling to women, and adapting their selling style. Be one of them! This book will provide you with –

Shocking statistics
Results of extensive research
Valuable information and ideas
Knowledge and
Critical communication skills to apply when your customer is female

Rave Reviews on How to Sell To Women

“Rarely has a book so aptly named “How to Sell to Women –Today’s Greatest Economic Engine”. It is the true primer on the ABC’s of selling to women. Authors and sales experts Christine Corelli, Doug Dvorak, and Robert B. Faught Jr. team together to walk you through their process of selling to women. They touch on all of the fundamentals that are steeped in the latest science that incorporates quantitative & qualitative research on how & why women purchase. Their brief to-the-point prose is easy to understand and even easier to incorporate into your sales practices.”
Roger Dawson, Founder, Power Negotiating Institute, Best–Selling Author & International Speaker

 in the How to Sell to Women Book

1. What Women Want, Need, and Expect —Results of Extensive Research

2. Where a Woman’s Expectations Come From…

3. Selling to Women — 10 Differences You Need to Know

4. Critical Sales Communication Skills

5. Determine Whether You are “Referral Worthy”

6. Excelling When Selling to Women on the Retail Floor

7. Selling Financial Services to Women

8. Selling Automotive Services to Women

9. Customer Service — What Impresses Women and Helps to Establish Their Loyalty

10. Strategies to Build Relationships with Women

More Rave Reviews

“As a sales professional with over 28 years of sales experience, I thought I knew it all when it came to selling to women. But this book on How to Sell to Women, has inspired me to expand my borders. Now I awaken to a new desire of “Learn to Earn”.
Dave Adamson, AAA Insurance Sales Executive

“Corelli, Dvorak, and Faught’s book should be on the list of Required Reading for every sales person. Many other books tell you “why” to sell… this book shows you “how” to sell to women. The lost art of sales has been reassembled for the current decade, and found within the pages of “How to Sell to Women”.
Corry Collins CLU CHFC RHS, Principal of Maritime Wealth Management Limited

“Successful and useful sales advice from someone who truly understands the business of selling to women and the economic power they wield. After implementing Christine & Doug’s selling to women sales strategies, I have blown away my sales quota.”
Scott Lindblad, Marketing Manager, FTD Global

“Wow! This is a must-read for anyone who wants to take advantage of the latest and most relevant sales strategies and tools on selling to women.”
Russ Herriges, Founder and Principal, Herriges, Creative World Wide

“Doug, Christine, and Bob have written a ‘How To’ for any sales professional who wants to understand how to successfully sell to women. I have been selling successfully for 20+ years and I loved it and learned from it.”
Randy Geary, Global Account Manager, PGI


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