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What Clients Say About The Selling to Women Program

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Doug and Christine,

On behalf of the Centris Group team, I’m sending heartfelt thanks to each of you for the role you played in making our ACES conference a huge success!  Based upon the feedback we’re getting, it’s evident that you resonated well with everyone…    no easy task with this group!  You’re both passionate about your work and truly effective in your delivery.  Thank you so much for making a difference at Centris Group!

Barbara Addy, Director, Customer Relationship Management, Centris Group

“Christine and Doug –Great job in Vegas last week! The program was highly interactive and most importantly, provided attendees with skills and actionable ideas….Your messages of differentiating sales processes between men and women were timely and impactful. We’re already planning on bringing you two back next year. I highly recommend this program to companies and associations!”

– Z. Clark, Director of Education, SEMA
(Note:      SEMA has brought Christine and Doug back 3 years  in a row. They present selling to women together, and each does a session on their own on sales, customer service, leadership, marketing or change management. )

“I attended the Selling to Women” session. These two great speakers teamed together to present a common sense approach on selling to women and attracting them to your business that was highly interactive, and provided obtainable skills & ideas. They both expertly showed the differences between men & women buyers. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone in the retail business. Great job Christine & Doug!!”

– Bruce Allen, President, & T Chevrolet-Subaru A & T Chevrolet / Subaru

“What a dynamic duo! Thank you for sharing the ideas and skills on selling and marketing to women. I am confident this will help us in our business development endeavors.” I especially liked the module on how to portray a “female-friendly” atmosphere in our showroom.” L. Salani, Salani Design

From a Recent Bridgestone Tire Retail Conference:

“Both speakers were amazing! The information they offered certainly kept my attention.” Sawyer Tire

“The knowledge of the speakers, and how they interacted with each other made it an engaging learning experience. I really learned a great deal!” A. Haase ETD Discount Tires

“Doug and are great, dynamic speakers & presenters, they really know our industry. Natalie Steward- Owner, Best One Tire”


(Note:  Bridgestone Tires has brought Christine and Doug back repeatedly.)

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