What Women Need From Financial Service Professionals

How to Sell to WomenIf you sell insurance, financial services to women, as well as health care solutions, you need to be a consultant, educator, confidante, friend, and, most importantly, a trusted professional advisor.

There is one quick item to point out. Why are health care decisions so important today? One reason is that several studies have confirmed that workers place health care benefits near the top of the list of reasons in choosing their future employer. Due to escalating health care costs, benefits to offset these costs are considered to be of vital importance.

Let’s look at one interesting example. The Affordable Care Act initiated new compliance laws. These laws mandate that companies educate every employee on the health care services it provides. Previously, some companies felt that employees were never interested in seeing presentations from insurance companies to learn about the major medical or supplemental insurance plans they offered. Their human resources staff would just ask employees if they were interested in enrolling in the plans they provided. Many people would decline, simply out of frustration at the lack of knowledge provided by the companies. (Read on for a real-world example of this.) Continue reading